West Herts Young Leaders

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Module A is delivered by the ESL YL. The person signing off additional modules can be either your ESLYL or the placement section leader you are working with who has supported you for the relevant module.

The person signing off completed missions should be your placement Section Leader.

Once completing all the modules and missions, you have completed the ESYLs Award Scheme. This needs to be signed off by the ESL YL

DofE requirements

Volunteering requirements for DofE through Scouting in Hertfordshire Scouts

When Volunteering as Young Leaders doing their DofE, Module A is the compulsory one. This can be as part of the Assessor report.

County D of E advisor

October 2022

DofE Evidence

When using YL Module A evidence for DofE scheme:

Module A will be delivered by the ESL YL. You only complete Module A once, not again for each level.

Record in the YL Log Books & scan Module A signed off pages as evidence under "Volunteering" of your DofE account for the relevant Award level.

The section Leader you are working with will need to log into your DofE account under the volunteering section of the DofE scheme and complete an assessor report.